How to Cleanse Effectively

How to Cleanse Effectively

Sep 12 , 2019

Emoni Rochelle

Have you ever wondered about the importance of cleansing in your skin care routine? Does the cleanser you use really matter if you're rinsing it right off? How much time should you spend cleansing your skin? Here, we're going to discuss these questions.

It's reasonable to wonder whether your cleanser really matters given that it's rinsed off of your skin rather quickly.

Even though you rinse your cleanser off of your skin, you do want to pay attention to the ingredients in your products. Cleansers with harsh ingredients such as sulfates and alcohol can strip the skin of all moisture, causing excessive dryness. You may think that if you have oily or acne-prone skin, then you need a strong cleanser although this is not necessarily the case. While you want your cleanser to effectively remove all of the makeup, dirt and debris from your pores, you do not want to strip your skin completely.

After you cleanse, your skin should feel balanced and hydrated, not tight and dry. You should look for a cleanser that focuses on cleansing and hydrating the skin such as this Moisture Pack Cleanser by Define Beauty.

How Long Should I Cleanse?

Cleansing may seem like the quickest part of your routine, although you may want to re-think the way you cleanse.

If you cleanse too fast, then you're not allowing the products to really work. A popular rule to go by from dermatologists is the '60 second rule.' This means washing your face for sixty seconds. Using this rule allows the ingredients in your cleanser to work into your skin. It also works to breakdown clogged pores, makeup and dirt more effectively.

Sixty seconds may seem long for cleansing, although a good way to spread this out is to spend about 15 seconds on each section of your face (forehead, center, cheeks). This ensures that each part of your face is thoroughly cleansed.

This rule can be used by all skin types, as long as you're using the right cleanser. Dry or more sensitive skin types should choose a cleanser that adds hydration back into the skin while cleansing. This rule rule can also apply to how long you should wait to apply your serums and moisturizers.

The key to maintaining moisture and hydration balance is not allow your skin to completely dry out. After cleansing, you do not want to wait too long before proceeding with your other products. It is best to apply your other products while your skin is still slightly damp - about 30 seconds after cleansing. This allows for maximum absorption.