How to Keep Glowing Skin in the Winter

How to Keep Glowing Skin in the Winter

Jan 16 , 2020

Emoni Rochelle

Winter skincare is not something many of us look forward to due to the harsh effects cold, dry air can have on the skin. Skin during the winter time often appears dull, dry, flaky and even irritated. If you enjoy the look of glowy skin and aren't sure how to achieve it during the colder months, then keep reading. Here we're going to share our top tips for maintaining glowy skin even during the winter months.

Moisturize the Smart Way

Obviously moisturizer is key if you want to maintain hydrated skin during the winter. The key to maintaining moisture levels in the skin is to use ingredients that work overtime on your skin, continuously boosting hydration levels during the day and at night. You can do this by using a hydrating sleeping mask at night.

This is essentially a face mask and moisturizer packed into one. These masks combine the hydration of a facial and the lasting power of a moisturizer using ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and other moisturizers that keep working all night long. A product like this is a real game changer during the colder months and can help you to maintain glowing skin.

Add an Oil

If you don't typically use face oils, then you may want to introduce one into your skin care routine during the colder months. A face oil should be used at the end of your skin care routine to seal in moisture and promote a healthy glow. These oils work to keep moisture in the skin while also protecting the skin's natural barrier.

The Amrita Beauty Oil contains Rice bran oil, Jojoba oil, ceramides and hyaluronic acid which all work together to plump, moisturize and protect the skin.

Use a Peel

You may notice that during the winter your skin looks more dull and dry. This is because skin cell turnover tends to slow down as the temperatures drop. Because of this, your skin may need an extra boost. Getting a chemical peel is a great way to boost skin cell turnover and regenerate dull, dead skin. The best part is you don't necessarily have to go to a professional to get the results you need. All you need to do is look for an mask or serum that contains exfoliating acids that will break down dead skin cells and work to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Not only will the acids get rid of dead skin cells, but they'll also help your other products to penetrate the skin more deeply.


If you notice that your skin becomes dry during the day, then you may need a quick refresher. A moisturizing facial mist can be the perfect way to refresh your skin and add just the right amount of hydration. The great thing about these mists is that they also work to refresh your makeup and keep you looking fresh and glowy all day long.

For this step, try the Define Beauty Jewel Cream Mist which can be used before or after you apply your makeup.


The way that you apply your products can be just as important as the products themselves. In order to maintain glowy skin in the colder months, you'll want to be sure to layer your products from lightest to heaviest. Incorporate the use of serums and oils in addition to your moisturizer. After cleansing and toning, use a hydrating serum, moisturizer and then follow up with an oil. This will help the skin to retain moisture over time.