“Define Beauty” for radiant skin and the future of every woman

Skin nourishing and age-defying skincare line targeted for the 40s and up. Instead of just externally adding moisture to the skin, Defining Beauty is also aimed to help skin moisturized itself from the inside. Each product is formulated with a generous amount of ingredients at a high potency level, such as proteoglycan, pycnogenol and natural human-type ceramide, etc.

Ideal for
• Anti-aging
• Dry skin
• Wrinkles
• Sagging skin
• Dull skin
• Sensitive skin

All products are free of:
• Paraben
• Artificial fragrances
• Artificial colors
• Mineral oils
• Synthetic antioxidant
• Animal testing

Name : Junko Matsushima
Age : 50s
Skin issues : Sagging, enlarged pores, dryness, wrinkles
Products used : Moisture Pack Cleansing, Reverence Essence, Jewel Cream, Jewel Cream Mist

I am glad that I found these products. I tried many different skincare products but never found one that worked for me.
The biggest change is that I don’t see makeup deterioration.
My skin is more supple and radiant, and my friends ask me “what do you use?”
I am over 50, but this boosted my confidence. Because the skin condition is good, I feel good, and I go out more now. I want to continue using Define Beauty products.
"*This testimonial is based on an individual’s experience and opinion only and does not guarantee effectiveness or results.

Mission from the creator Yoko Fujita

"Define Beauty was born from my desire to create beauty products that give immediate and effective results. In my early 40s, I experienced a severe skin condition caused by hormonal imbalance.

I tried just about every major cosmetic product and eventually concluded that nothing worked dramatically on my skin.

It was then that I decided to create formulas that would transform and improve my skin. Originally, these products were made for my personal use, so I used powerful and effective ingredients at high potency levels. I also chose ingredients that are natural and skin compatible.

Formulating these superior quality beauty formulas using ingredients in high concentration was the key to effective and result-oriented products. I truly believe Define Beauty products will transform your skin beautifully as it did mine."

Warning for all products:
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Discontinue use if redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots), or darkening occurs.
• Consult physician if irritation persists.
• Do not return the extract to the bottle once it has been removed.
• Do not dilute the extract before using.
• This is not a medicated product.