Special bundle - Amrita Oil & Reverence Essence & Moisture Pack Cleansing



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What's in this Special Bundle :

1 x Reverence Essence by Define Beauty

1 x Moisture Pack Cleansing by Define Beauty

1 x Amrita Beauty Oil by Define Beauty

About Define Beauty Products

Yoko Fujita, Founder of Define Beauty

"Define beauty was born from my desire to create beauty products which give immediate and effective results. In my early 40s, I experienced a severe skin condition caused by hormonal imbalance. I tried just about every major cosmetic product and eventually came to the conclusion that nothing worked dramatically on my skin. It was then that I decided to create formulas that would actually transform and improve my skin. Originally, these products were made for my own personal use, so I used powerful and effective ingredients at high potency levels. I also chose ingredients that are natural and skin compatible. Formulating these superior quality beauty formulas using ingredients in high concentration was the key for effective and result-oriented products. I truly believe Define Beauty products will transform your skin beautifully as it did mine." - Yoko Fujita, Founder of Define Beauty