In 2020, a new year and a new decade began. And who is excited about getting older?

As we age, we tend to notice skin conditions we did not have before, such as dryness, sagginess and wrinkles. Have you wondered why?

One of the major factors is ceramide loss. Ceramides are components found in our skin, which protect against moisture loss but get depleted as we age. If you want to improve your skin, upgrade your routine with high-quality ceramide.

Introducing “natural human-type ceramide

We are proudly introducing one-of-a-kind ceramide “natural human-type ceramide,” exclusively available at Worvie.

All other ceramides on the market today are either chemically synthesized or “natural” ceramide that do not resemble human ceramide. Natural human-type ceramide, developed through the traditional Japanese soy sauce fermentation, has 3 times more moisturising benefits than other ceramides and has a structure that reaches deeper into the skin layer.

To welcome the NEW YOU in 2020, here is a special treat for you for limited time only

For 40s+: Define Beauty up to 50% off

Defining Beauty is aimed to help skin moisturized itself from the inside instead of only externally adding moisture to the skin. Each product contains a generous amount of ingredients, such as proteoglycan, pycnogenol and natural human-type ceramide,

These Define Beauty products are formulated with natural human-type ceramide.

For acne-prone or sensitive skin: Treat Treat Pure Skin Sets 10% off

Treat Treat is the best defense that you have to fight acne and other skin problems, which uses the world’s first and only natural human ceramide.
These Treat Treat products are formulated with natural human-type ceramide.

Happy Winter Sale!

Offer ends 1/31/2020.