Treat Treat - Pure Skin Natural Mist



Multifunctional mist with no additives, including antiseptics.
Contains no glycerin which serves as food for the bacteria which cause acne, or other polyhydric alcohols.

New concept mist that helps to support the ceramide on your skin.
It gently regulates all conditions of the skin and improves atopic dermatitis and adult acne.

A combination of hydroxyproline and acetylhydroxyproline, which have the effect of improving atopic dermatitis, and that proof of beautiful skin, the collagen element. The compound amount is equivalent to a total of 2,100 mg of luxury beauty serum.
To provide the important skin barrier function and strengthen tight junctions, it is blended with Japanese phosphate oligosaccharide calcium (Pos-Ca).
With very light and natural moisturizing power, it supports the function of ceramide serum, allowing it to work perfectly.

For post cleansing skin care, finishing off your make-up, or to seal make-up before going out, this is a mist that can be used anytime as a supplement to nutrition deficient skin.


Obtain resilient skin with our “ceramide mist.”

Pure Skin Natural Mist contains high amount of pycnogenol amino acid yet gentle to the skin, because 7 irritation-causing ingredients have been removed: preservative, petroleum-derived ingredients, surfactants, coloring agents, flavors, ethanol, polyhydric alcohol BG, and glycerin.
Lotion stays fresh to the end, because of our unique, low-temperature heat sterilization method, which is a new technology, as well as the aerosol container that prevents air and bacteria from entering while in use.
Suitable for the skin sensitive to additives and helps to achieve resilient skin.
Irritation from additives such as preservatives could be the cause of chronic skin problems for some people.

Pure Skin Natural Mist stays fresh to the end, because of our unique, low-temperature heat sterilization method, which is a new technology, as well as the aerosol container that prevents air and bacteria from entering while in use.

Although this original sterilization method had many past supporting data that could be reliably sterilized in a lab, no plants in Japan were able to achieve its commercialization. Many plants recommended using preservatives for commercialization, one manufacturer agreed on the development of such time-consuming technology that could have not been achieved by existing facilities.

For always healthier and resilient skin.

1. Acetyl hydroxybrorin

2100 mg of L-hydroxybrorin is blended
In addition to the amino acid hydroxybrorin that comprises collagen, a total of 2100mg of acetyl hydroxybroline, which has an enhanced skin-care effect, is added. Because it is a fine mist is gentle on skin.

2. High content of pycnogenol

Pycnogenol is extracted from the French maritime pine grown without fertilizers and pesticides. The record of healing properties of pycnogenol dates back to 1535, when crews of an exploring ship survived scurvy caused by vitamin C deficiency by drinking pycnogenol tea.

A large number of research data on pycnogenol as a cosmetic ingredient are also found.
Just the right amount of pycnogenol is blended not to kill too much skin’s indigenous bacteria.

3. Formulated with Pos-CAR for “tight junction” function
In addition to ceramide, another powerful ingredient has been added. Pos-CA🄬 (hosphoryl Oligosaccharides of Calcium) is a calcium salt of phosphoryl oligosaccharides made from potato starch, developed by a Japanese snack food manufacturer. Recent studies have demonstrated POs-Ca is effective in promoting tight junction formation.


✓ Recommended for people with sensitive skin, children.

Anti-pollution Test by 701 Research Inc.
Test for avoiding fine particles such as PM2.5, pollen, and dust causing skin irritation.

①placebo (distilled water)
②Treat Treat Natural mist

A. After 3 minutes of application to skin, put carbon powder.
B. Put a drop of water, then wipe with dry cotton. (3 times)

With the effect of various amino acids, Treat Treat Natural mist prevents adhesion of fine particles to the skin.

①placebo (distilled water) ②Treat Treat Natural mist

How to use

Do not shake the can. After washing face or when skin feels dry, spray the mist in a circular motion about 8 inches (20 cm) away from the face or body. Gently massage in the desired area with palms. Be sure to wipe off any water droplets left at the jet, as preservatives are not used.



Water, acetylhydroxyproline, hydroxyproline, betaine, serine, trehalose, niacinamide, French pinus pinaster bark extract, manilkara multinervis leaf extract, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, tremella fuciformis polysaccharide, calcium phosphoryl oligosaccharides, arginine, maltodextrin, nitrogen


As preservatives are not used, our product goes bad if left outside of the container, just like food pouches and bottled beverages. Do not transfer to another container, and wipe any water droplets adhered on the container with tissue, etc. each time the product is used.